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Accepted Value Costing Online
Alpha Test Participation Benefits

As an Alpha test participant, you will be entitled to the following benefits:

  1. First-refusal rights to participate in the Beta product release program which will be focused on a sophisticated user experience, executive summary presentation generation, and the artificial intelligence engine for coalescing product epics into more rational groupings for higher maturity decision-making.
  2. One year of free access to the AVC Online 1.0 production release for single-instance data sets, if and when that occurs.
  3. Four 90-minute consulting time blocks scheduled to occur within six months of the start of the Alpha test program, at no charge. The in-scope activities include applying the AVC empirical base and decision models to reveal potential improvements to your Lean-Agile decision-making behaviors, refinement of your vision boards and epic hierarchies, and interpreting Lean cost-to-value flow metrics.